BeepVine is a FREE Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Social Network to chat, share & network.

About BeepVine - The World's Fastest Growing LGBT Network

BeepVine is a LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Social Network.

BeepVine is a central place for members of the LGBT Community to build friendships, exchange ideas, and connect with other members near and far, we are not a dating or hookup site, instead members refer to us as a "Facebook for the LGBT Community".

In addition to this, we also organise World Wide offline meetup events, to help members to make new friends, share experiences and help those who struggle with the likes of coming out or need help finding their identity.

We are an inclusive website that brings together people of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs and sexual orientation, while helping to raise awareness for LGBT issues and promote/campaign about LGBT rights and help better represent the LGBT community world-wide.

BeepVine is founded on the following principles of privacy and respect:

You be who you want to be: use whatever name you feel comfortable with, your real name, Drag Name or even dogs name! (unlike Facebook whom want you to use your real-name) we really don't care..

We value your privacy: Your profile cannot be seen outside BeepVine, and in your settings you can control how much you want you want others to see, we also employ the strongest security measures to protect your data from spies and hackers

We respect your data: Many social networks sell your information, we don't, it is kept secure and private, away from ugly marketing companies, you have our word

Together we are making BeepVine the coolest place to be, every day!

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