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Filters are our friends...?

Most things now-a-days have filters. No, I'm not talking about camera filters like snapchat's camera filters or coffee filters, but content filters. Filters which help to block inappropriate content from younger viewers. By all normal accounts, these filters should be a good thing. After all, if I had a child, I wouldn't want them seeing sexual or particularly violent images.

What exactly shouldn't be viewed though? Well, if you're a user on Tumblr, apparently LGBT content. Tumblr's new "safe mode" is even flagging perfectly appropriate LGBT images as not safe for work (NSFW).

This isn't just as graphic as two humans kissing though; even mood boards and positivity posts are being marked. This ordeal sent many into quite the frenzy and started a petition to remove the feature with over 12,000 signatures to date.

Tumblr didn't do nothing about it, either. They've since apologized and claimed it was because users marked their posts as explicit. Because those users marked their profiles as explicit, all content, even positive and safe content, was marked as NSFW.

It's a system that makes sense and also doesn't and kind of becomes a non-issue when you think about it more. I mean, this issue would've happened for anyone with their profile marked explicit, after all. If any lesson is learned from this, I'd say it would be for people to take a breath before jumping to conclusions.

People oftentimes jump on the bandwagon because information becomes clouded the further down the line it goes. Something that occurred to a few LGBT posters trickled down and so people started thinking LGBT posters were being censored, when in reality it was simply because some had marked their profiles as explicit because that's the majority of what they posted.

In the end, filters actually are still our friends. I'd rather a few little mistakes like the above happen than be bombarded by genitalia whenever I open my browser!