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Breaking the Branch?

We've all got family. Some we love, some we hate, some we only want to spend a weekend every christmas with and then pretend they never exist again. I guess I got pretty lucky because my entire family is pretty great! Unfortunately, someone upstairs seems to be trying to cut down this family tree.

Within the last week, my only sibling, my sister, was diagnosed with Lupus. It's not a life-ending disease, really. But it certainly doesn't help. She's also got a light-mild form of autism. In that same week, my grandmother, aged in her early 70's and a two-time cancer conqueror got pneumonia who then gave it to my grandfather. They're refusing to go to the doctor's STILL (after more than a week).

Closer to home, my mother just went into surgery a few days ago and, luckily, it all went well. She's expected back today, though she won't be on her feet much for the next month.

As for me, I've just been diagnosed (not 100% confirmed just yet) with something called Brady-Tachy Syndrome. It's a heart condition that basically means my heart sometimes beats too fast and/or too slow. It can lead to a few problems, the most serious of which is strokes. I really hit the jackpot, right? As an average weight 27 year old that might have a heart problem most common in 50+ aged people or the incredibly obese, I'm certainly just so very lucky. Oh, and the best treatment for the problem is a pacemaker. Huzzah.

All that happened in literally one week's time. One week for nearly my ENTIRE GENETIC LINE to be threatened by illness of all different shapes and sizes.

On the positive side, we're all still alive. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, I guess? How a heart condition, Lupus, or pneumonia might make us stronger, I'll never know, but at least we're all alive! Our branch is still very much unbroken, through it might have been made a little more brittle.

As for my own personal future, I'm scheduled to see a cardiologist soon and get a definite on what's going on with my heart. After that... I'm undecided on whether or not I'll get the pacemaker. I have no problems with the idea of one... it's the cost. Average costs range from $19,000-$95,000. Living in America is not as glamorous as it might sometimes seem.