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Voting for Marriage Equality in Australia

Every country has their own laws regarding same-sex marriage. Some allow it and some don't. As of right now, same-sex marriage is not legal in Australia, but that might change soon. Since 2004, there have been over twenty different attempts to legalize it and now comes the final vote on the matter. And I do mean vote.

Australian government is taking a unique route in this matter by leaving this final decision up to the people... through a mail in survey. The Australian Bureau of Statistics will be sending roughly 16 million people the postal survey in mid-September to be due back by November.

What exactly does this survey entail? One very simple question:

"Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?"

What happens if the vote is yes? Parliament will officially vote on the matter. Since most politicians in Australia are supportive of gay marriage, and the fact that a good many that did oppose it said they would go with what the public wanted, I'd say things are looking good!

If it's a no, that will be the end of the matter in this term and it won't be brought around again until 2019.

Ultimately, I fully expect to hear some great news in the next couple of months concerning the matter! If you're living in Australia then make sure to check your mail around late September and get those votes in! For more information, go to