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Making a Relationship Work

Most people in the world find comfort in companionship. Sometimes though, we just aren't lucky enough to be able to keep it. While I might not be a relationship expert, I have been in several long-term relationships and I can tell you right now they are not easy. Finding that special someone is tricky enough. Keeping them is altogether a different ball game. If you've found Mr. or Mrs. Right and are looking for a few tips on making your relationship go the distance, I'm here to help.

First of all, be thoughtful. Do something that'll take your partner's breath away on not just the special occasions but on ordinary nights. Cook his or her favorite meal by candlelight or start playing their favorite music suddenly. Don't make these occasions few and far between, either.

You also need to talk and share regularly. This is a lot harder for some, as sharing with anyone can be scary. Will they think I'm weird if I tell them I like this? Will they judge me? Chances are, no. If you're compatible then they'll probably reciprocate with something as well. This goes for sexual desires as well. Speaking openly and honestly about these things when the time is right helps not only improve your sex life but understand your partner and helps them understand you.

Another way to keep a long-lasting relationship last even longer is to care about what they care about... even if you don't really care. A good example is that my girlfriend loves shopping. A cliche', I know, but she does. She loves finding every single deal under the sun, comparing, and finally getting her item for half off... after taking 2-3 hours researching. I prefer to just go online and get the first thing that fits my needs. But because she enjoys it so much, I take the extra time with her and help look around, support her, and offer my opinion. While it may not have been something I wanted to do, I was able to spend it with her and we grew closer because of that. Find something your partner enjoys and do it too. You might surprise yourself by having fun!

Lastly, get physical! No, I don't necessarily mean have sex all the time. Just holding hands, hugging, kissing, cuddling, and more. Physical acts with your loved one can boost the chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy and the same is true of your partner. The act of love also increases this chemical (especially for men), but even the small simple acts can do this.

Love is never easy. It takes respect, work, and time to get right. Hopefully though, with the help from these tips, you'll keep your special someone for a long long time.