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How to Organize a Perfect Date Night

Go to a cabaret
Even though going to a cabaret or a burlesque performance seems like a cliché, it’s actually one of the best ways to have fun and relax next to your date. This is particularly true since breaking the ice in gay relationships requires doing something fun and entertaining, which is why seeing such show is what you should go for. Just bear in mind Dita Von Teese’s performance in a giant martini glass, and you definitely won’t make a mistake!

Take a cooking class together
Food is one of the most important part of any romantic date, so be sure to incorporate it into the next date with your darling. Taking a cooking class together is probably one of the best ways to relax and show off your skills, so don’t skip the opportunity to stun your partner with some amazing meals you can eat together. By the way, you can always opt for oysters and chili peppers, which are said to be the most popular among the aphrodisiac foods!

Organize a perfect cocktail hour
On the other hand, if you’re more into some cool drinks and getting all perked up, you should definitely go for a cocktail hour with your date. Sex and the City fans know that Cosmopolitan is the Holy Grail in the world of cocktails, so you won’t go wrong with it no matter what. For this heavenly drink you’ll need 1 ½ oz of quality vodka, 1 oz of Cointreau orange liqueur, ½ oz of fresh lime juice, and 1 dash of cranberry juice. Shake the ingredients in a shaker and serve in a chilled cocktail glass. We’re sure that your darling will love this kind of surprise.

Have a picnic in the park
If you’re up for some classic romance, a picnic in your local park can’t be a bad idea. This is one of the best options for all those romantic souls out there who can’t wait to show love to their partners simply because it’s so old-school yet very contemporary at the same time. Don’t forget to bring a warm blanket and a basket filled with delicious foods, desserts, and drinks, because there’s nothing better than munching on tasty snacks next to your favorite person in the world. You can also watch a sunset together and go for stargazing later on, which is an amazing way to end your perfect date!

Go to see a musical or play
Going to a theatre is one of the best alternatives to the cinema, which is what everyone goes for these days. Truth be told, theatres are definitely more traditional, and seeing any play will help the two of you bond even more and discuss some topic on a more serious level. You’ll get to know each other much better this way, no matter if you pick the most famous theatre in your town, or a small, independent one. A musical can be a great choice because of its entertaining character, so be sure to know which ones are the best in your town and support your local troupe with your beloved one by your side!

As you can see, there are so many ways to organize a perfect date night in order to surprise your darling. These five are at the top of the list since they will definitely do the trick, no matter what your date is interested in. Just pick one of these according to your and your date’s preferences, and you’ll manage to make it happen!
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