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How to Make Your Partner Feel Special This Valentine’s Day

When it comes to gay men, the challenges that we endure in order to find the perfect guy are simply numerous. However, if this Valentine’s Day you are right next to the right one, it’s time you made him feel very special (and thus made sure that you’re not single next Valentine’s Day!) Some people have difficulties expressing their own emotions, and if you’re one of them, don’t worry. It’s not only the I love you’s that count. So, a couple of quick ideas:

Spice it up, sexually
First and foremost, the most logical tip is to spice up your sex life a little bit. However, make sure that the things you have in your mind are up your boyfriend’s alley, as planning a three-way while your partner is extremely jealous simply doesn’t go. You can always get a new sex toy that both of you will be able to use and love, you can opt for having sex on a place both of you wanted for so long, or simply having a sexathon that will last the entire night. The choices are endless, but make sure that it’s a bit different than all the other times you’re doing it.

The cliché yet very romantic option
Another option is to prepare and organize a dinner party, or simply a dinner date with both of you. Yes, this might be a bit of a cliché tip, but it’s always an excellent idea. If you want to make things a bit more different this year, consider using the perks of some of the best catering companies, and actually enjoy a meal that you haven’t made yourself. Having a professionally made dinner in the comfort of your own home is always romantic – add candles and flowers to the mix, and voila!

Treasure hunt
Not many opt for this idea as it takes a lot of time and organization, but there’s not a better way to tell someone you love him than by actually devoting your time and skills into organizing a treasure hunt. Hint: the treasure could be you, sex with your, or simply a nice, romantic dinner with you. So what you need to do is think of different clues that your partner will have to solve in order to get to you. You can include all the spots that are important for your relationship, and you can also invite some of your friends to help you out. Not only is this extremely romantic, but also quite interesting and unique, especially if your partner likes challenges.

The reasons you love him
Finally, it’s sometimes that simple I love you that will make your Valentine’s Day the best day of your life. If you choose a romantic moment to say this, consider yourself a winner of this V-Day. What you can also do is make a list of all the things you love him for, and try to hide them either in his apartment so that he can find them throughout the month, or simply present them as a list or flash cards while you’re sipping wine or eating a cake. After all, Valentine’s Day should be about showing your partner you love him, so why not actually say it and do something very romantic?

If you really want to, you’ll make your partner feel special this Valentine’s Day, and perhaps you don’t need our tips after all. However, it’s always good to hear somebody else’s ideas and opinions – maybe you thought of something more interesting than the idea you’ve had before. Good luck and have a great time!
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