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Long Distance Relationship

Hi Everyone!

As you all know, I am a bit of a Forum Virgin.

I wanted to know what everyone thought of long distance relationship. I have recently started chatting with someone online and he is such as nice guy. He and I have so much in common and getting to know him is really fun. I am finding myself at that point in early stages of actually feeling it is going somewhere. You know what feeling am talking about; When you actually look forward to a text message or a call which lifts your mood and day.

So; when am talking distance it isn't far in regards to Plane flight - but he lives about 500 miles away which is a short Plane ride there. Flights are around £40 too which isn't too bad in my honest opinion and if things did escalate, i could talk about 1 flight a month to him and maybe 1 flight a month he could get to me. Obviously; sharing the travel but truthfully i don't mind getting a plan (i am use to flying anyway)

I suppose past relationships for those who know me and chat to me on here will probably know, its been well... a bit of a disaster. Which i suppose is part of the reason i am looking at a different geographical location now.

So i am going to be flying early next week to meet him for the first time; have to admit i am nervous and excited. I suppose its a date. I am leaving straight from work and flying over where i am going to spend about 4 days.

So i suppose whats your original thoughts and if you have had a long distance relationship before; do you have any advice. Its new and exciting to me but i want to make sure that i get it right as to not break both our hearts.

Cheers everyone

Hi Pebs

Nice to see that true love exists!
You can't help who you fall in love with but you have to work to make it work.

Skype, games, whatsapp or preferred choices but it's about inclusion even though there is a geographical distance.
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it can always work only if you both want it to!
Indeed this day and age long distance realtionships don't seem so far due to modern technology as John says.

Also as Casie says if you both want it to work you'll both find a way.

I suppose I'm in a sort of a distance relationship as it's an hour and half drive for my partner to me and yes he enjoys the drive up to be with me he said to me if you find someone you love your prepared to make the journey as otherwise you limit yourself and may miss out.
My only issue with a long distance relationship is if you need comfort or affection. Even a "cuddle" that person is a plane away rather than down the road or a bus ride away. That personally is the only thing that puts me off, but as John mentioned suppose if needs are met through other ways then that may help. Good luck with the meet! I genuinely hope it goes well for you Smile
Thanks everyone,

I know - i am someone who loves a good cuddle. Just find it hard at times but i love the fact i can facetime on my way home and have that connection. With the flights being cheap and my work schedule being quite tight - weekends would be perfect if it was or wasnt distance.

I have been with someone in the past who i had to drive an hour too and it felt like i was making the effort all the time which was a bit annoying and actually he didnt want to see me every weekend. So for me i think that distance is hard but also it can be suitable.

Don't get me wrong - as the relationship grows you never know him or me moving could happen - early days for all that though
Well I've been in a successful long distance relationship for over three years now so I'd say it can definitely work! It's not easy, but with trust and a bit of luck you can do it. My long distance relationship is from America aaaall the way to London. 5500 miles away and still going so it's absolutely possible. I wish you all the luck in the world!
Good luck, hope it works out and I'm interested to read people's experiences.
When are you coming to London hydra?
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No matter how hard they are, some people are able to make LDRs work, and the ones that do generally stick to the following guidelines:

1. Establish rules.
You can’t be bitter that you were celibate for a year if your partner never asked you to be. Before you part ways, take time to discuss what the rules are for your relationship. Are you free to date other people? How often will you try to see one another? What are the long-term plans for the relationship? Are there any deadlines or ultimatums involved? There’s no wrong answer here. Just make sure that you’re both on the same page in terms of your expectations for the relationship.

2. Keep the flame alive.
Intimacy is a huge part of any relationship. Try to maintain some form of sexual relationship, either by phone or text. She’ll appreciate the fact that you still find her sexy, and it will help diminish any urges she might have to get that attention somewhere else.

3. Be honest.
Keep the lines of communication open. If things change (i.e. if you meet someone, or you find that living apart is just too difficult), or if things aren’t working, let her know. This isn’t a jail sentence. You can get out of the relationship at any time if you feel like it’s what you need to do.

Just like everything else about lesbian dating, the rules and regs of LDR depend on you and your partner. If you think your love is strong enough to be worth the complications of LDRs, by all means, stick with it! Just remember that your (and her) needs come first, so if it doesn’t look like things are working, it may be better to part ways.

Over To You:
If you have been in a long distance relationship, please leave a comment explaining whether it worked out for you or not. Your comment may help someone else who is currently going through a sitaution you’ve already experienced.
Wow thank you everyone! such an overwhelming response!
Hi everyone, Just to keep you all in the loop! I met up with the guy a few days ago and he was amazing! so lovely and when you speak on Skype etc you kinda get a feel of what he will be like anyway but he was far better in person Happy
He is now on BeepVine so i won't embarrasses him but; Thank you for making weekend and I can't wait for us to meet up again! I really want this to work. x
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