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Hello All ;)

Hello Everyone!

The name is Alexzandria. Ali/Alexz is fine. I'm here to meet others in the LGBT community / those with like minds. I have a weakness and preference for women, although I'm more of a I love everyone kind of girl. I feel very much alone where I live, as most people I meet that tell me they are LGBT are either "choosing to like women right now" or "used to like women, but don't anymore."

In my opinion, you don't "choose", you either do or you don't. However, I am only here for friends (as this November will be four years for my boyfriend and I).

I currently work in the field I love as an Information Technology Technician(and yes I am a complete nerd). Could probably say a lot here, but if you're interested in knowing more, hit me up. Tongue

<3 Ali-Kat
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Hi Alex. Welcome to Beepvine. Am sure you'll make loads of new friends here.

Also sure meet some new nerds ( counting myself as one!) Wink any queries or issues feel free to let me know.

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