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Hello Beepers

Hi all i decided to come back after many months away and give this another go so if you wanna get to know me and be friends then feel free to add me Happy hope you are all doing well and have a nice day.
Hi Carl. Good to see you back. Hope all is well my friend.
Hey Paul Yeh everything is good thanks
Good to hear Carl. It is good to see you back! You may have seen some big changes for me! Have moved to Morecambe and partnered.
Well congrats Mr pleased for you Happy not had much time to look about here just need to find some friends now ahahaha
Thanks Carl Smile you'll get there and know you'll make some great friends here. I've been friends with my other half 8 years before we got together!
Fantastic well I'll see about people lol seems very quiet still as same as it did when I first joined up
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